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dr celenza Dr. Celenza is unique in his qualifications in that he is a dual-certified specialist and is active in both the practice and teaching of Periodontics and Orthodontics. He received his Periodontal certificate from University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and his Orthodontic certificate from New York University in 1988. He has authored numerous publications in dental literature; his pioneering work regarding the use of implants in conjunction with orthodontics is groundbreaking and has been extensively published. He has been involved in postgraduate teaching for over 20 years, is a recognized speaker nationally and internationally, and maintains a private practice in Manhattan. Dr. Celenza is a past president of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists.

Dr. Frank Celenza comes from a long line of distinguished dental practitioners. His father, Dr. Frank V. Celenza, was a world renowned prosthodontist who made many inroads into international teaching and research while maintaining a large practice in Manhattan. Dr. Celenza's brother, Vincent, now heads that practice and is active in teaching as well as a Past President of the Northeastern Gnathological Society.

Dr. Celenza lives in New Jersey and has four children. He pursues other passions outside of dentistry, which include sports car racing, in which he is a two-time National Champion, competitive cycling (frequently commuting to work by bike), writing, and computer technology (which is immediately apparent upon entering our office).

Current Positions


Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Dental Resource Alliance, West Orange, NJ, Oct, 2014

South Shore Study Club, Staten Island, NY, Nov., 2014

Saddle Brook, NJ, Nov., 2014

Rutgers Univ., Dec., 2014

Newark Dental Club, Maplewood, NJ, March, 2015

New York Univ., International CE, April, 2015

Perio-Prostho Symposium, Rutgers Univ., April, 2016




Research Mentorships
Academic research projects that Dr. Celenza has directed at New York University

"Controlled Extrusion with Fiber Resection. A Combined Orthodontic and Periodontic Treatment Modality, Part II"
Dr. Frank Celenza, 1988

"Morphological Alterations of the Periodontium Resulting from Molar Uprighting"
Dr. Greg Fader, 1990

"Crowding and Alveolar Bone Loss in Patients with Mild to Moderate Periodontal Disease"
Dr. Corey Goldstein, 1992

"Correlating Ricketts' xi Point to the Proximity of the Mandibular Foramen and Lingula and Determination of the "True" Center of the Mandibular Ramus"
Dr. Harry Tsotsos, 1993

"Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Braun Electric Orthodontic Instrument for Plaque Control in Orthodontic Patients with Fixed Appliances"
Dr. Nicholas Penna, 1995

"Esthetic Root Coverage Procedures Prior to Orthodontics"
Dr. Ilan Shamus, 1996

  Dr. Celenza is an avid cyclist. Road cycling, mountain biking, and often times commuting to his office. Dr. Celenza has utilized cycling to aid many charities, having attained "platinum" status for the American Cancer Society, and winning a top fundraiser award for the National MS Society


racingDr. Celenza is also an active sports car racer and enthusiast. He is a two-time National Champion in his class in the Porsche Club.  Many of his exploits can be followed under his name on YouTube.  He has twice competed in the Michelin One-Lap of America, and has raced formula cars, shifter karts and sports cars.  He has written and published in various enthusiastic journals involving motorsport. Dr. Celenza also utilizes racing as a fundraising vehicle for societies such as the National Kidney Foundation.

Dr. Celenza also enjoys winter skiing, computer technology, and writing.

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