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One of the major reasons people give for avoiding or putting off orthodontic treatment is a worry about how long it may take. If you are in your adult years, this can be a particularly important factor. No one wants to be in braces for longer than they absolutely have to, and orthodontists are always working toward reliable ways to reduce treatment time for their patients.

At Celenza, Frank DDS, PC, we use recent developments and research to provide you with an accelerated orthodontic experience without sacrificing quality. We focus on the body’s inherent remodeling capacity as well as streamlining appliances and processes to find ways to speed tooth movement.

One of the tools Dr. Frank Celenza uses is AcceleDent®. This is a system that stimulates jaw bone tissue. Basically, it helps your teeth to move with greater facility, leading to a reduced treatment time in a variety of procedures.

Accelerated orthodontics has many benefits. The obvious one is that it takes less time, giving you your perfect smile in shorter order. It also requires fewer appointments to our office. As we all know, time is money. Finally, it helps make treatment more comfortable. By encouraging continuous movement, some of the discomfort after an adjustment is eliminated.

Accelerated orthodontics with AcceleDent or one of the other methods available at Celenza, Frank DDS, PC can help you have a quicker and more successful orthodontic treatment. To learn more, we invite you to call our New York, NY, office today.