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Your orthodontist, Dr. Frank Celenza, installed the braces in your mouth to gradually adjust the position and alignment of your teeth through progressive adjustment sessions. If you develop cavities on multiple teeth or some part of your braces is bent, loosened or damaged, it could increase the duration of time it takes to completely realign your teeth.

Attentive first aid, treatment, and timely repair are absolutely essential for minimizing complications from bent or damaged braces. With that in mind, Dr. Frank Celenza offers these basic tips.

When Dr. Frank Celenza initially installed your braces, you were given a piece of special orthodontic wax. If a loose bracket, band or broken wire is poking into your cheek or gums, you should try to secure it inside the wax. If you don’t have the wax handy, you might be able to make do with a pencil eraser.

It’s also not unheard of for a spacer to come loose or fall out shortly before a scheduled adjustment session. If this happens, you should give us a call. We might simply recommend that you come in for an earlier adjustment and have the spacer replaced.

If any part of your braces is bent, loosened or damaged, you should not hesitate to contact Celenza, Frank DDS, PC at 212-327-2623 to seek timely repair and treatment. We are happy to help you with your braces in New York, New York and wish you a healthy, happy holiday season!