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Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious disorder in the mouth caused by infected gum tissue that decays away over time. Oftentimes, gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene and the lack of proper cleaning habits on a daily basis. Listed below are common signs and symptoms of gum disease and what to look for:

– Look for sensitive gums that appear irregular and damaged, including signs of swelling, bleeding, tenderness, and inflammation.
– Look for symptoms and signs that bleeding occurs frequently, including when eating meals or cleaning your teeth.
– Check to see if any medications you are taking list dry mouth as a side effect, which is a contributor to gum disease.
– Check your smile for any visible irregularities including loose or wobbly teeth.
– Look for signs of bad breath that continually returns or fails to go away at all.
– Look for signs that your gums may be receding from your teeth. This process often makes your teeth look longer than normal, and may even be exposing a tooth’s roots.
– Avoid products that continually damage your mouth and expose you to a higher risk of gum disease, including smoking and chewing tobacco.

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