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If you have braces, you already know that flossing can be tricky. There are many tools that can make your task easier. Here are three ways to floss with braces:

Waxed Floss: Waxed floss will help ensure that your teeth won’t get stuck. Slice an eighteen-inch strip of floss and thread it between the wire and the crevice of your teeth. Pull it forward and grasp the other end from the inside your mouth. Wrap each end along your index fingers and direct it through the crevice on another side of the tooth so that the thread is wrapped around the back of the tooth. This way you will clean both the area above and below the wire of each tooth. Rub up and down along each side. Repeat this until you have reached all areas of your mouth.

Floss Threader: Shaped like a small lasso, a floss threader will help you fit the floss between each tooth. Simply thread it into the loop the same way you would thread a needle. Then insert the other end of the floss threader above the wire of your braces and into the crevice between your teeth. Continue from there as you would with ordinary floss, as directed above. Replicate this with each tooth.

Water Flosser: Many people like to use a water flosser. They shoot powerful streams of water in between your teeth to remove debris and bacteria. These are accessible online and in specialty stores. Fill them with water. Then aim one of the crevices of your teeth at a 90-degree angle and turn it on. The floss will squirt a steady stream of water between the gap, freeing the food particles and bacteria that are trapped there. Repeat with each tooth.

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