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Dr. Frank Celenza is pleased to offer traditional braces that are placed in your mouth to improve tooth alignment gradually. Braces are made up of many components, including wires, bands, brackets and spacers, enabling the appliances to maintain the tension that causes the periodontal connective tissues to shift the teeth along the gums. The many parts of braces can sometimes be damaged or shifted and require repairs to maintain the efficacy of your treatment.

We typically schedule adjustment appointments for your braces every four to six weeks so that we can continually tighten the components and continue to cause the teeth to shift. If a section of your braces becomes compromised or damaged, it could disrupt the treatment by altering the tension and causing the process to become drawn out.

If you are concerned that there may be an issue with any part of your braces, we encourage you to contact our office right away to speak with our team about a proper course of action. Our doctor can determine the severity of the situation and make repairs to your braces to restore their function.

For example, you may find that a spacer has come loose or fallen out very close to a scheduled visit, and this can be a sign that the teeth are changing and adapting to their location. A solution to the problem may be as simple as scheduling your adjustment visits closer together.

We encourage you to call 212-327-2623 today and schedule a visit to Celenza, Frank DDS, PC if you have any concerns about your braces in New York, New York.