AcceleDent® Orthodontics reduces the time wearing braces by up to 50%

Recent research and collaboration with orthopedic clinicians has led to developments in bone biology which are applicable to orthodontics. For the first time, focus has shifted away from streamlining the actual orthodontic appliance and toward the body’s remodeling capacity to safely facilitate and accelerate tooth movement.

Dr. Frank Celenza has been involved in the evolution of these technologies, and the advantages are not just limited to shorter treatment time, as attractive as that is alone. We offer methods such as Propel, AcceleDent®, as well as virtually every other method. The techniques and equipment we use stimulates your jaw bone tissue. This process makes it easier for your teeth to shift position, straightening them more quickly. You can benefit from the most appropriate technique to your needs when you visit the offices of our orthodontist.

There are many benefits to receiving accelerated orthodontics. For one, your straightening treatment can become more comfortable since these orthodontic systems encourage continuous movement. Another benefit is that you will have fewer orthodontic appointments, which helps you to save on time and money. And of course, these accelerated programs shorten treatment time, giving you a beautiful smile more quickly.

Here is a video that gives a visual on how the AcceleDent® Orthodontics system works:

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