Patients no longer have to bite down on messy impressions to make molds of their teeth because we use the iTero® intraoral scanner at our office.

Our orthodontist and periodontist can take digital impressions of your smile’s structure in order to provide the care it needs with accuracy. While the old method of taking impressions often involved messy putty, uncomfortable trays, and multiple rounds of impressions that could be rejected, broken, or lost, our digital scanner creates an accurate impression with no goop, discomfort, or gagging. Because the iTero scanner takes very accurate impressions from the start, your treatment is improved and your patient experience is more comfortable. Our team can also show you the 3D impressions instantly, which helps to improve communication and education during your consultation and treatment process.

The iTero digital scanner uses the latest in optical technology to scan your mouth with a radiation-free laser. The scanner is a compact, handheld wand that Dr. Frank Celenza uses to easily scan your mouth. The scanning process can be stopped and started as many times as necessary to ensure that you are comfortable and that we achieve the precise scan we need. Further, the impression process is viewed and corrected as it proceeds, so there is never a need to return for a “retake” or a rejected impression. Impressions are sent digitally, not by courier, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Here is a short video that gives a visual on how the iTero system works:

To learn more about the benefits of our iTero digital scanner in New York, New York, we welcome you to contact our offices today.

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