Discomfort with Braces and Orthodontic Treatment


During the first week after your braces are placed, and after routine adjustments, you may feel some soreness or discomfort. This is normal and you do not need to worry. [...]

Discomfort with Braces and Orthodontic Treatment2019-05-16T15:01:28-06:00

Lost Separators


Many patients lose a separator over the course of their treatment. If you lose a separator, call our office to see if it needs to be replaced.

Lost Separators2019-05-16T14:59:34-06:00

Poking Wires or Wire Irritations


If the wire is irritating your cheeks or gums, you can move the wire away from the irritated area by using a cotton swab or eraser. If you cannot move [...]

Poking Wires or Wire Irritations2019-05-16T14:59:17-06:00

Loose Brackets or Bands


If a bracket, band, or wire is loosened, please call our office immediately; the brackets may need to be refitted. If you need to cut a wire in case of [...]

Loose Brackets or Bands2019-05-16T14:59:05-06:00

What should I do if I experience an orthodontic emergency?


If you experience an orthodontic emergency, such as a broken or lost appliance, we urge you to call our office as soon as possible. Even if you have a regular [...]

What should I do if I experience an orthodontic emergency?2019-05-16T14:58:51-06:00