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4.0 rating
November 16, 2019

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5.0 rating
September 10, 2019

Hochwertige Waren vom Produzent. Fabrikverkauf.
Versand am gleichen Tag. Bis 95 % günstiger als auf dem Markt.
Kartons. Maxibriefkartons, Umzugskartons. Klebebänder. Acryl. Solvent. Eco-Kautschuk.
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1.0 rating
August 21, 2019

Alles für Umreifung.
Umreifungsband, Verpackungsband.
Klemmen, Hülsen, Spanner…….
Umreifungszange, Umreifungsschweisser.
Hochwertige Waren vom Produzent. Fabrikverkauf.
Versand am gleichen Tag aus Frankfurt. Bis 95 % günstiger als auf dem Markt.
Müllsäcke und Vieles mehr.
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen


There is no-one better than Frank Celenza

5.0 rating
June 10, 2019

He’s precise
He calms me and is a great dentist

Libby Titus Fagen

Clearly a good guy, but felt a bit rushed sometimes

4.0 rating
May 17, 2019

Dr Celenza clearly has great experience and a strong skill-set but there are times I felt he really rushed through some of my appointments and some adjustments that had to be made. Overall he is definitely a knowledgeable dentist.


Wonderful office and overall experience

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

Twice now I have needed an emergency appointment with Dr. Celenza and with no hesitation, he and his office staff fit me in immediately. They even gave me options to go to the NJ office if I could not make it to the Manhattan office. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for excellent ortho care as well as a caring, helpful, office staff, to look no further!

R. M.

Extremely efficient and thorough visit.

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

I was squeezed in, treatment fast, effective and thorough.
Always a pleasure coming here, they even charge your phone for you!

Nicole K.

Very Professional

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

My invisalign experience went exactly as predicted.


terrific so far

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

awesome dentist with awesome team!


Painless Visits and Great Staff!

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

Dr Celenza is a smart, informative dentist that has put me at ease every time I come to visit. The staff are consistently kind and hard-working.

A. S.

the best!

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

Dr. Celenza is the best!


Dr. Celenza is the best!

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

I always have a great experience at Dr. Celenza’s office! Ioana is an incredible RDH and it’s always painless! Kaylon is so accommodating and great on the desk! The Doc is terrific and so skilled! He even did my Invisalign and now my teeth are so straight. I could not be happier! I highly recommend Dr. Celenza’s whole team!

Kat H.

He made me so happy I cam back to my job bragging about him.

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

Today was my first time there. I was taken way before my appointment time and the staff was so lovely and professional. Dr. Celenza cleaned my teeth, and cleaned off unwanted build up. He made me so happy I cam back to my job bragging about him. Thank you so much for making my smiles look even better.


I highly recommend Dr. Celenza for any of your dental care or orthodontic needs.

5.0 rating
May 16, 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Celenza for any of your dental care or orthodontic needs. According to his website, Dr. Celenza has been practicing for over 20 years – and I’ve been a patient for just as long. I began with him as a pre-teen with a very severe case that would require years of orthodontics, and eventually, major reconstructive surgery.
Dr. Celenza took on my case, though I was younger than the patients he normally treats, and referred me to a specialist of maxofacial surgery. He worked with my surgeon to develop an extensive treatment plan for my complicated case. A child at the time, he treated me with care, sensitivity and even a bit of humor – helpful in retrospect given the fear, discomfort and overall anxiety felt by a child in that chair.
His office staff was beyond cordial and accommodating. They were always there to help, answer any questions My Mother had and work with us on billing – no, we were/are NOT rich. And hygienists and assistants in the office had an equally pleasant “bedside manner” to Dr. Celenza, with particular skill dealing with an apprehensive, and young, patient.
Dr. Celenza was under deadline with my case given a surgery date was set. He completed the work on time so the surgery could be as successful as possible.
As explained by my surgeon, remission was a possibility. When I experience set-backs 8 years ago on the work that was performed 15 years prior I returned to Dr. Celenza. I needed some realignment to again prep me for surgery. Now an adult, making my own healthcare decisions, Dr. Celenza was my only choice for orthodontics despite his standard Park Avenue rates. His office is always willing to work with you so you can work out your finances while also receiving the care you need. With new Invisalign technology, Dr. Celenza again solved my case to my great satisfaction.
Considering my extensive and complicated orthodontic history, I can say with great confidence that if you are looking for expertise, qualifications and professionalism, as well as bedside manner, an easing environment and an advocate – Dr. Celenza is the best and only choice.


If your ready to fix your teeth and are willing to undergo invisalign, this Orthodontist is definitely the man to guide you through it

5.0 rating
October 27, 2018

While looking at my developed photographs from my cruise vacation, I decided that the time had finally come to have my teeth fixed. I had a gap in my two front teeth and a bite that was far from perfect for most of my life. I was referred to Dr. Frank Celenza by another dentist who insisted that if anyone could fix my teeth, it would be him. I had wanted invisalign for a long time, but was skeptical about the cost and the results. I called the office, and was scheduled for a consultation right away. I went in with a skeptical attitude since I had already seen another Orthodontist who had been very quick to quote me a price and had barely examined my mouth. I immediately felt at ease with the friendly and genuine staff. I met with Dr. Celenza, and he seemed extremely confident about the ability of invisalign to fix my mouth. He took quite a few pictures of my mouth and even offered to sand and even out my front tooth that I had recently chipped on a glass of water. After his office manager explained the cost of my treatment, I decided to think about it. The price was highest quote that I had come across and I was nervous about being able to make the payments, I would have to think about this. A few days later, I received an email from Dr. Celenza thanking me for my consideration, and attached to the email were all of the pictures that he had taken of my mouth. After deciding that this was something I really wanted to do, I called the office and explained to his office manager that I really wanted to do this, but the monthly payments were going to be hard for me to make. To my delight, she offered a different payment plan that would make my monthly payments less over the course of a longer time period. I went and had my digital impressions taken, and within two weeks I received a very excited call from the office telling me to come in to get started with my treatment. I wont go far into the details of wearing my invisalign, but overall, I’m so glad that I went with this Orthodontist. Throughout the 10 months of treatment, I was always treated as a high priority by his office and all of the emails that I sent to Dr. Celenza were answered in a timely maner. What also impressed me was his plan to fix all of the other imperfections with my smile, not just the gap. I had run into a few complications with a crooked cuspid that was refusing to turn, and when I expressed those concerns, I was not brushed off or ignored. Dr. Celenza made modifications to my top tray and attached a tight band to the crooked tooth, which more aggressively turned the tooth around. It was quite painful…..but it certainly fixed the tooth. My treatment was finished in the exact time frame that I was initially quoted. I was delighted with the results, and have been complimented on my smile. If anyone is considering invisalign, I highly suggest visiting this office for a consultation. Keep in mind, this treatment is intense, painful, and expensive. It takes a very focused commitment to push through the pain and annoyance of having to wear the trays. Make sure you approach this with a determined and positive attitude, or it will not be a good experience. If your ready to fix your teeth and are willing to undergo invisalign, this Orthodontist is definitely the man to guide you through it.


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