Preparing for a Gum Disease Appointment

“I love chomping away at sugary foods, but I don’t like flossing my pearly whites: how can I avert periodontal disease?” Short answer: you can’t. Unfortunately, gum disease is habitually an ailment of our own makings. By eating and drinking sugary substances, we put ourselves at risk of creating periodontal disease. To avoid it, you… Read more »

Flossing with Braces: Three Options

If you have braces, you already know that flossing can be tricky. There are many tools that can make your task easier. Here are three ways to floss with braces: Waxed Floss: Waxed floss will help ensure that your teeth won’t get stuck. Slice an eighteen-inch strip of floss and thread it between the wire… Read more »

For Braces Repair, Always Seek a Professional

Your braces were designed to gradually fix the misalignment of your smile. When you chew gum, eat sticky, or hard foods, there is a chance that a spacer or wire can loosen. If this happens, the tension on your braces and teeth may be affected. If it isn’t addressed in a timely manner, it can… Read more »

Periodontal Health Care 101: Gum Disease Symptoms

Have you ever heard of gum disease? Gum disease occurs when there is an infection within your gums. It can happen to anyone at any age. However, there are risks associated with gum disease. This includes risks due to lifestyle habits, hormones, and genetics. Although there is little you can do to adjust your hormones… Read more »

The Benefits of Braces for Adults

We most often see preadolescents and teens in braces, and we often take this to mean that they are only for people of that age. This is simply not true. The reality is that adults can benefit from braces, too. Did you miss out on the opportunity to correct your bite issues as a teen?… Read more »

Addressing Orthodontic Damage

You should always be careful with your braces and other orthodontic work. Unfortunately, sometimes you can take good care of your braces but still be on the receiving end of an accident or you can develop a problem. When something goes wrong with your braces, the first thing to do is contact your orthodontist and… Read more »

The Details of Enamel Erosion

Tooth enamel: it’s that hard outermost layer of your teeth, and it’s pretty amazing. It’s made of carbonated crystals, and it’s one of the toughest parts of your body. Furthermore, it’s regenerative. Your enamel has to be tough, because every day it is exposed to bacteria that attempt to wear it down. As amazing as… Read more »

AcceleDent® Can Speed Up Orthodontic Treatment

When orthodontic treatment is suggested, some patients are hesitant. Braces and other orthodontic appliances often need to remain on the teeth for a long time. Depending on the case, braces or aligners may be needed from 18 months to a few years. If you need to have orthodontic treatment, don’t fret! Ask Dr. what AcceleDent®… Read more »

6 Facts of Sugarless Gum

Did you know, sugarless gum can greatly improve your oral health? Well, it’s true! Sugarless gum has many wonderful benefits to offer, which is why our orthodontist and team in , , is happy to tell you the benefits of sugarless gum. Keeping your teeth clean is imperative, which is why sugarless gum can be… Read more »

The Oral Health Care Guidebook to Malocclusion

If you want to have the straightest smile possible, you must eliminate malocclusion in your smile with the help of orthodontics. To keep your oral health at its peak, consider the following forms of malocclusion that orthodontics can treat: Spacing malocclusions: Spacing malocclusions refer to irregular spaces and gaps between teeth. Open bites: Upper bite… Read more »