Myth 1: I am too old to receive orthodontics

Actually, patients of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment. What really matters to the success of a straightening procedure is not age, but rather the health of your teeth and gums. Dr. Frank Celenza’s dual specialty training will determine that your oral health is optimal, ensuring the ability to shift your teeth into a straighter position, no matter how old you are.


Myth 2: Orthodontic treatments take too long

At our offices our orthodontic treatment times average about 6-9 months in duration. We may even be able to shorten this treatment time! Our short treatment times are accomplished because our orthodontist uses what we call “limited treatment,” where we focus on problem areas of the mouth and set specific goals on what we can accomplish in a certain time period. Your oral health won’t be compromised and you can have a straighter smile faster.  We also employ acceleration technologies where appropriate, which can reduce treatment times by as much as 50%!


Myth 3: Orthodontics hurt

So many of the technologies that our orthodontist in New York, New York, uses feature far greater comfort to the patient than was historically achieved. Invisalign® is certainly one of them, but AcceleDent®, fully bonded fixed appliances, and retainers are a few other examples. Ask Dr. Celenza to discuss with you how you can achieve an optimal smile more comfortably than ever before.


Myth 4: Orthodontics are bad for my teeth

Older, banded orthodontic appliances used to make cleaning one’s teeth more difficult, which resulted in tooth decalcification and decay. However, at our offices we use some of the most modern braces, which have bonded brackets that make it easier for you to care for your teeth. We also provide Invisalign, the removable aligners which allow you to clean your smile like you normally would.

Orthodontics are also a lot healthier for your smile in comparison to restorative and cosmetic procedures like dental crowns or veneers. For these procedures, your tooth tissues need to be cut down to make space for the restorations, which may need replacements every few years. But with orthodontics, your teeth can retain their natural structure, and the results of treatment can last for a lifetime.


Myth 5: Orthodontics are too expensive

Compared to the alternative treatments of dental veneers, orthodontics are actually very inexpensive. A veneer for a single tooth can cost as much as $2,500, if not more. Patients generally purchase 6-10 veneers, which can cost as much as $25,000! And let’s not forget that veneers usually need replacements every few years. Our highest fee for full orthodontic cases, in contrast, only cost $8,000, often times less. We customize our fees according to anticipated time, appliance, and difficulty.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Celenza today and find out how affordable adult orthodontics have become.